jeudi 13 janvier 2011

Tamnougalt and Timiderte

The ksour at TAMNOUGALT -off to the left of the road, about 6km past Agdz -are perhaps the most dramatic and extravagant of any in the Drâa. A wild cluster of building, each is fabulously decorated with pockmarked walls and tapering towers. The village was once the capital of the region, and its assembly of families (the dejmaa) administered what was virtually an independent republic. It is populated by Berber tribe, the Mezguita. A further 8km south is the more place-like Glaoui Kasbah of TIMIDERTE, built by Brahim, the eldest son of the one-time Pasha of Marrakesh, T'hami El Glaoui. A kilometre to tha south, across stepping stones in the river, is another superb Kasbahs, the AÏT HAMMOUSAID. there are also rock carving to be seen 7km to the west of Timiderte, signposted from the main road.

Another striking group of ksour, dominated by beautiful and imposing caid's Kasbah, stands back from the road at TINZOULINE, 57km beyond Timiderte (37 km north of Zagora). There is a large and very worthwhile Monday souk held here and, if you're travelling by bus, the village is one of the better places to break the journey for while.

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